(Presentation given at 2013 League of Friends Annual General Meeting)

Organisation and Aims of the Surrey Downs CCG

Denise Crone, Lay Member for Patient and Public Involvement

Leatherhead is near the centre of the district covered by the CCG, which stretches from Molesey in the north, to Ockley in the south, and this area much of which is rural, has a large elderly population.

On April 1st 2013 groups of GPs and other health professionals became responsible for commissioning local healthcare. Previously this was done by Primary Care Trusts. Through Clinical Commissioning Groups, doctors and nurses can tailor services for their patients and their local populations. The CCG is made up of 33 GP practices, serving around 290,000 people, and has a budget of over Ł300 million to buy healthcare from hospitals, community services, ambulances and mental health services.

The vision of the CCG is to improve care for local people, but they need to live within their means, and that means making savings by ‘doing more for less’. The governing body is in place, and formal authorisation has been achieved. Many of the commissioning plans have been developed, with further work underway in some areas – there is collaboration with other Surrey CCGs to avoid potentially wasteful duplication (for example, we host continuing care and adult safeguarding for Surrey). A Patient Advisory Group has been established to ensure that local views are represented, and we are developing relationships with stakeholders, local people, partners, and community and patient groups.

Denise listed the CCG’s priorities which included maximising the integration of community and primary care based services with a focus on frail older people and those with long-term conditions, to provide care closer to home and increase choice for patients, and to provide access to urgent care services. They are developing an ‘Out of hospital strategy’ to reduce preventable admissions and re-admissions, and to provide more support to live independently in the community. Key clinical areas being focussed on are Urgent Care, Community Services including Community Hospitals, and Elective Care.

Denise then briefly mentioned the Better Services Better Value (BSBV) review that is causing much local concern about Epsom hospital, and said that whatever the outcome of that process, the community hospital services are definitely required, and form a core part of the CCG’s planning.